China: One China is non-negotiable despite Trump’s suggestions

China’s Foreign Ministry has said the one-China policy is not negotiable and urged US President- elect Donald Trump to recognise the “high sensitivity” with which it views Taiwan, a day after he hinted for the second time in a month at a reset of US-China ties.Successive US administrations – both Republican and Democratic – have been committed to a “One-China” policy ever since Washington stopped recognizing Taiwan’s government in 1979, following its engagement with China that has progressively gotten stronger despite periodic wrinkles.”Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory and the People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing China”, Mr Lu said.’That is the fact acknowledged by the global community and no one can change’.In fact, in the same year it officially signed onto the “one China” policy, the U.S. passed the Taiwan Relations Act – guaranteeing support for the island nation and pledging to defend it.The Chinese foreign ministry warned Trump that the longstanding “One China” policy between the two countries was the political basis for all Sino-US relations.Recently China prevailed over tiny African island Sao Tome and Principe to break off diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which in turn accused Beijing of offering big loans to entice the small countries to move away from Taipei.During the campaign, Trump repeatedly warned against economic threats from China and accused Beijing of manipulating the value of its currency to harm United States companies. Trump responded by saying that “everything is under negotiation including ‘one China'”.Trump started questioning China’s claim over Taiwan just after his election in November, when he took a congratulatory phone call from Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen in a major break from USA diplomatic protocol in 37 years.However, the president-elect made plain his displeasure with China’s currency practices.”I would talk to them first”, Mr Trump said.”Instead of saying, “we’re devaluating our currency”, they say, “oh, our currency is dropping”.Trump has already sparked uproar in China for undermining Washington’s “One China” policy. “They’re doing it on objective”, the Wall Street Journal quoted him as saying.”Certainly they are manipulators … but I’m not looking to do that”, he said.In June, Beijing suspended a communication mechanism with Taipei after Tsai’s party took power in the island territory.Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon Mobil, took a hard line toward China’s island-building and expansionist claims in the oft-disputed South China Sea, an worldwide body of water and crucial trade route.